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Invest to Send the Gospel Where it’s Never Been Before

Join a community of
generous givers
Partner with trusted,
proven ministries
Finish the Great

Are you giving to finish
the Great Commission?

You’re probably already supporting many worthy and impactful ministries.

But if you’re not investing to finish Jesus’ command to “make disciples of every nation,” you’re missing the opportunity of our generation.

At the Finishing Fund, we’re supporting the missionaries who are taking the gospel for the first time to the people groups and places who have never heard it. Our mission is to “make disciples of every nation” by the end of 2024.

Here’s how it works:

Join the Partnership

Our partners commit at least $30,000 to the Fund—roughly the cost of engaging one people group.

Support Proven Ministries

Together, we evaluate proposals from trusted, proven ministries. We only fund ministries and projects that meet our high standards.

Reach Unengaged People Groups

Our ministry partners send near-culture church planters to make disciples. They report to us and we hold them accountable.

Experience the Joy!

The Finishing Fund makes it easy to join the sprint to accomplished the Great Commission by 2024!

Fulfill Jesus’ command to “make disciples of every nation.”

The Finishing Fund makes it easy to invest in that effort, so that our partners can experience the joy of participating in the sprint to the finish of the Great Commission.

Invest with confidence

A volunteer led, partner governed community
  • Partner governed
  • Volunteer led
  • Expertly Advised
  • Regular reporting
  • No expenses or fees
  • Strong record of success

What our partners say…

From our Ministries

From our Investors

We’ve already committed $18.8 million

We’re Supporting 40 ministries…

Working in 67 Countries…

To engage 727 people groups.

New believers are now reported in 575 groups…

with more to come.

meet our founder and managing partner

Doug Cobb

Doug is a major investor in the Fund and volunteers as our managing partner. An entrepreneur from Louisville, Kentucky, Doug has been working with Finishing the Task and the Issachar Initiative for a decade. Doug and his wife Gena have been privileged to fund the engagement of hundreds of unengaged people groups around the world.

“Sounds great, but I already support…”

That’s great! But do you know that virtually all Western missionaries work in places that already have believers? We only fund projects to send workers where no one has ever gone—to the peoples and places who have never once heard the gospel.
Bible translation is vitally important, but usually comes after gospel engagement. Typically, a people group is initially engaged using a shared-language strategy. Only later, as the church matures, does it begin to require heart language scriptures.
The Film is an indispensable resource, and many of the ministries we support use it. But someone must take the Film to the unengaged, show it, preach the gospel, and disciple those who believe. Are you supporting that work?
Chances are you’re not yet investing in this historic opportunity. But the Finishing Fund makes it easy to get in the race.

Join a community of generous givers

Our partners are businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and professionals — generous givers like you.
We understand that it’s easy to find opportunities to give, but hard to find GREAT opportunities – opportunities that will achieve Jesus’ promised returns of “30, 60, or 100 times” what we sow.
We’ve found that in the amazing opportunity to “make disciples of every nation” in our generation. The mission is Biblical, Timely, Strategic, and Impactful.

Don’t miss the opportunity of our generation

The Finishing Fund is accelerating the effort to complete Jesus Great Commission so that there are “disciples in every nation” by 2024. Join us and be part of the sprint to the finish.