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What Is The Finishing Fund?

Generous Christians want to give well, but many are missing a great opportunity.

The chance to fulfill Jesus’ command to “make disciples of every nation” for our generation. The Finishing Fund makes it easy to invest in that effort, so that our partners can experience the joy of participating in the sprint to the finish of the Great Commission.

We understand that the last thing you need is one more ask from one more ministry.

Like us, you’re already giving to many worthy and impactful ministries. But if you’re not already invested in the effort to finish the Great Commission, you’re missing the opportunity of a lifetime. The mission is Biblical, Strategic, Impactful, and Timely, and the Fund makes it easy to get involved.

As a partner in the Finishing Fund…

  • You’ll own a share of 30+ projects in 40+ countries impacting 100s of people groups with the gospel.
  • You’ll receive frequent reports from the field detailing the progress of our work, including amazing stories of transformed lives in places where Jesus’ name has never been heard.
  • You’ll review proposals for new projects to engage additional people groups.
  • You’ll participate in exclusive partner briefings.
  • And most importantly, you’ll rejoice as you fulfill Jesus’ command to “make disciples of every nation.
meet our founder and managing partner

Doug Cobb

Doug is a major investor in the Fund and volunteers as our managing partner. An entrepreneur from Louisville, Kentucky, Doug has been working with Finishing the Task and the Issachar Initiative for a decade. Doug and his wife Gena have been privileged to fund the engagement of hundreds of unengaged people groups around the world.

Don’t miss the opportunity of our generation

The Finishing Fund is accelerating the effort to complete Jesus Great Commission so that there are “disciples in every nation” by 2022. Join us and be part of the sprint to the finish.